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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  August 29, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> marty: 08101 as close in burlingame a crane had a huge electrical power knocking out power lines on the freeway and a look at the scene from last night peony crew during get repaired the and see just how big an electrical tower is and how bad the damages. let happen the lights flickered all around the bay area including at&t part for the giants game at 930 last night right now drivers are being routed off the freeway at their of the northport's the unhurt the tories say can avoid the area altogether the traffic map here you see a lot of red
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their high while one in the area even though early saturday morning and there's already backed up interstate 280 oliphant turn did jeff smith plan on the phone after a morning, you have an estimate on when you will reopen high with. "5:00 p.m. approximately based on the amount of damage taken place of the repairs or replacement required their. working close with chp that's the time it looks like right now. the reason for that being is the safety remains are pratt top priority crews continue to work as i have to of the night to assess the damage for. but if a large transmission tower that you just show their cause but the upward to be a third-party doing construction work special equipment personal vehicles. but really the primary artery of
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moral of the transmission system. >> marty: how widespread was this portion of the ginnie cried affected. "this and convenience of the bay area were we will try to get what one openness as possible but. were four major lines went down we were able to maintain service for all our customers while there was that momentary outage of the flicker of light of the folks at at&t park and elsewhere soft there was no longer lasting service to our customers were enough encouraging folks suffered a cracked a public transportation because of the impact in this. estimate is that a high will be
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reopened at 5:00 this afternoon. that is going to disrupt traffic for people heading to the giants' game also tried to head the sfo gas smith was saying be sure to use public hesitation or alternate routes away to a good alternate as a major way up and out of his law this morning: per our attention to the weather was shot outside. the embarcadero this morning and expecting a color week and had turned the dave what in the forecast. >> reporter: living as promised showers from north bay and also into the city of san francisco of. he points to the north. the syllabus and drizzle of content to contend with. the devils led
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the way here for our so i sfo oakland san jose do have the green light quit. a check of tablatures nevada 64 this our san francisco 65. read what >> reporter: 78 san bruno at about 73. for looking for cooler combat terrorism but it will warm back up and next week. >> marty: today marks hang years since hurricane katrina devastated the gulf coast damage forced out of the people to flee the city of new orleans of us have to be rescued from rooftops after massive flooding and these 10,000 people the shelter and the damage superdome.
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>> reporter: 300 lives lost billions of dollars in damage thousand people fled the city but never to return. borland's still standing in part people like a broken her family and never give. brooke and her family out of town. and the return to the family business circle food store seventh ward. expected lengthy medical clinic instead they're building was destroyed. they vowed to rebuild today if the clean tool for the city's most important neighbor was the slower enviable condition now than today the
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average rate of the flood waters for as high as this beam. year after year it wasn't happening world around it is worth. >> reporter: university economist says ford could of mom-and-pop businesses like several food store one of the driving forces in the recovery. there's still fatigue and many of new orleans and the poor communities frustration. brooke sees every day confident her city will find a way to overcome. leaders of new orleans after boarding for changes after katrina something positive that callous storm city as mad major success for forms of education
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and skill of the systems. gaf >> marty: and kron 4 news began preparing for a tropical storm varicolored to expect of the storm is rated make landfall in the u.s.. plus if the >> reporter: anyone wonders as if my azrael here's the answer arab-israel the color isn't. democratic president taking shots donald trump as they try to convince the the democratic party they are the best one for the nomination. after the break graffiti what bay area businesses are being targeted.
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fec. dancer at the center while at the organ at efforts to clean up the commission acts of steroids. "seen anything like this i played that they've never seen anything in the wall that says what power with a fluff of the one that the summit of it seems rehearses targeting the businesses that provide services the diverse community here. send all says other murals at targeted at at the golden gate bridge showing low riders and other murals and the mission district celebrating of vdt community of so defaced in recent weeks. >> marty: weekend at the italian
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family festival in san jose and joy food why are and will break storming to a contest for that he like to involve the tapping from love o'clock this morning till 8:00 tonight guadalupe river park in san jose will be right back leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise
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>> marty: 01 part of the close after a logical tower went down last night traffic being diverted offer: highway into boulevard northbound direction no. very avenue fell fund directions chp also asking to use in a state to 80 as an alternate route this morning and you can see the red on the math right in the area the road. not expected to reopen later on this afternoon or later on this evening. we'll keep you posted throughout the morning as we get
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word from pg&e and caltrans. turn our attention now to whether we will stop to some left pavement. >> reporter: drizzle some of a separate and rocks from the city to san francisco to north a little visitor will be out of a little bit fellah radar imagery most of the energy behind the system kind of done i'll kick in the forecast in the morning and soft maybe little longer to try to get the sun to come out from was caught later on during the day today our current inspection of 65 from severance the scope of for the east bay. livermore at a modest 70 fell for the cloud cover helps keep temperatures a little bit north they largely mid-60s. feature cast the show what happens clears out by the noon hour and we're working on the afternoon
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gains as clear as we go and evening hours fog cots for return again to my right after sunset temperatures policy with that planning purposes pans out in scattered drizzle to contend with and inland's temperatures 81 like this afternoon was a sunny late afternoon and the coastal be cooled not quite reaching 70 the day lower middle '70s and the latter portion of the afternoon pay for life today redwood city 81 every were also largely in the '60s again along the be close ocean beach for example 66 further south the south valley go with the ratings already popping into lower to middle eighties that will. be because presumably the afternoon clearing that's been tumbled in today here and house across the board livermore 82 pleasanton and yak about 80 for altman and then one country upper 70's
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tenure about altman high 74 calf's check out the go. florida recede numbers return the ease of finland regions and then this coast will pay after seven years so. >> marty: after being blamed for 20 deafen pr 20 people still missing rain. it may cause a late widespread flash floods and mudslides approaching storm is expected to hit florida early next. next "for the worst hope the best hope. let's will happen here right now at the continued to be prepared. her in >> marty: center says they're cold most likely not turn into a hurricane barrier least to pr and others running island along the coast. fe area city is getting some high praise
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this morning san jose fare francisco landed in the top 10 best places for the child was compiled by consumer health site will find an lilliput hospital schools crime topping this list is texas federalism boston's south taking unfair fat for a cisco came and ninth. >> marty: breaking news police in texas have arrested a man accused of shooting sheriff's deputy investigators say go for it was shot a back muscle * witness says that she heard gunfire and women sobbing over the deputies body he died at the scene police say the attack was unprovoked.
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"in what appears to be unprovoked execution-style killing been long for some 45 years i do not recall another incident this cold-blooded in cowardly." >> reporter: valens picture of the suspect. >> marty: man who say shot and killed the deputy they have this bank custody and are questioning him right now this morning egyptian courts today sentenced a journalist a prison near leicester was charged with aiding the paris privation falls lumber brotherhood and the only threat the trial a third was freed from an egyptian prison back in february sentenced all three were convicted last year on charges of conspiring with the brotherhood and the network
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director says that the verdict is left attack on freedom of the press sentenced three years in prison. "pat the california plus the giants best record given baseball highlights from 18 to park. for the weekend if expo taken several cisco the event showcases far as far as food producers and more of the gold of raising awareness of sustainability issues happening today to the afternoon till 6 this evening the village on 959 markets to the safe
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>> reporter: as make a push for
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the playoff for crucial series bruce testing there might against the top teams in baseball analyst at&t park giant hosting the cardinals marlin burdening a formal welcome bottom third it bows of a monster grand slam franchise record guy the for an offering would not last long like it's a home debut knows well the brigandine run starting with a runner on first a spectacular play from health and the double play and then the bottom ninth bases loaded he did this. there
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ago miller with a call at a walk off rbi single they have a straight game to set tomorrow the meanwhile a is taking a field trip to the desert in the area from the diamondback the first time in three years the border the 742 paul goldschmidt rocks this to run homer and then the first nationally and a's climb back into it brent lowry, and then the singing had a chance to tie up the double play 64 the file and returning to nfl a mature and development because the battle oakland raiders but carson city already laying down directions to make a move that the l.a. and the side
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unveiled just off the 4 05 the session in carson officials put a marker stadium way right in front of the proposed site for a new nfl the new despite not reaching the left definitive field they are essentially will be will become home of the raiders in the meantime sober black jack del rio cetera sunday.
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>> marty: 10 to four today on treasure island did you can make it the free-market held up last weekend of every month.
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but how it >> marty: 1 close
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after hitting a huge electrical power that happened last night as you taking a look at the scene piccinni crucial working day at get everything compared hot liquid that electrical power is how bad the damage as a lot of work ahead of them i happen to like flicker around the bay area including at&t part. 930 last night right at the right now drivers being routed off highway one a one-hour. pork and when her in the 40 that a can to avoid the area altogether if you alternate routes hollywood a one close later this afternoon or
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early this evening we continue to keep you posted throughout the morning. today >> reporter: of that system morning fare for the most part here's where looks like the radar showed showing you far away from home up for the north clearing story this afternoon in those temperatures are somewhat subdued feature cast and will do to the system problem sprinkle possible on the peninsula prior to and after that the clearing store with the return clause yet again for the overnight and coupled with a little bit away in the fog to and cooler temperatures are getting an summer's right now severances custody five nevada 64 also daly city and then off an east bay
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upper 60s and then maybe 70 livermore for the numbers will be back to business 8 altman heights today making know of some the sprinkle the start things off 66 of the coast and then set starting to go on east bay as we go on to a part of the day 7781 happening in east bay the bay itself 746 guy looks like for the immediate coast and the often with steady state and the seven day which we will have for you coming of. >> marty: area man grope several girls please looking for him and we turn reports on the incident happened on the uc-berkeley campus. this man >> reporter: still managed and improperly for after such a young girls at the county pool yesterday. looking for this
7:33 am
man sexually battered set 9 to 13 year-old girls and the pool he swam out to victims either grab their legs for rather but for swam away. apparently talked to keeping a close eye out for the man described as an adult white man brought hair and facial stubble wearing a red bathing suit he is a pot belly and we doubt he we back and still worries on the same.
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>> marty: 51 year-old frazier smith sentenced to prison 2006 assault with the intent to commit rape. is now living in a state hospital and his relief the as it was a put to death and a single-family home amherst weighing conquered the police this year attorney and several neighbors say they strongly oppose the move. "the appalled if he needs to replace find there are plenty of rural areas if not highly populated areas within the state of california the '20s texas air dollars to buy the sky and house for the attack house vote means to be enough for the less densely populated location. but he >> marty: earings settle for a month in fairfield committee member is being urged to attend and talk about the concerns potentially deadly bacterial outbreak at san
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quentin prison one in may contracted legionnaires' disease officials are working to find out the source of the contamination the addition of the water for time and try to get the the the from spreading trawls clifford explained lesion years of spreads their water droplets. >> reporter: back on water in the facility. spokesman robinson said friday afternoon water in prison would be turned back on inmates could use the toilet but the path of a prisoner's headline of the visit port hardy will not however be allowed to use prison water for drinking showering. water was"still be provided by the staff shower still working on plans are to bring a portable shower units on flight allowed inmates to bathe themselves of the right now we still have not ironed out that detail.
7:36 am
"as a volunteer to will be letting them in for safety reasons. help human services thing they are in contact with the officials also want to reassure the public the contamination lot spread beyond said quinn. aha "very specific to a water source that's likely to be intense and. he was >> marty: and fair condition friday night number of cases may grow but 30 inmates monitored with ramon and ammonia like a phantom.
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>> marty: be station w d g a b the station had a crew on a live in the field passes to their on were shot and killed five television wednesday morning fans in the stands observing a moment of silence allison parker and word before the game and no. 7 for the station no. the tat pendant on the football field to police officers also standing by to w d b k ref rif do report to. the problem the vacancy the report was finished reporters, the photographer as well as the news director. after the break we will show you friends and family of the victims' using a shooting in virginia a push for more gun- control
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>> marty: the camera blinded her as she felt the ground water allison parker cameramen adam were both killed as catherine he in shows us parker is father visited the station where she once worked. flanagan might have had deep cyclical problems no problems buying guns and no criminal record he pass a background check and a virginia no restrictions on the purchase and ownership of guns even after this.
7:42 am
"it warned the on-air could inspire copycats-should be concerned when we're out here now like this i believe the target." >> reporter: the state's liquor. "i want them to look me in the eye and tell me why kelly a reasonable proposal but background checks thing that dictate. alice >> reporter: and never talk to him about be feeling threatened on the job. she this was something would never occur to her.
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>> marty: for the weekend would you like to be reality star tv show vassar shareholding in all open casting call in san francisco to lead over the prepared dish try to impress the judges and happening today potential six part 55 is cro- magnons straight show encourages and contestants to register online before you shop afloat. it's here
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you'll get kohl's cash too! don't miss kohl's lowest prices of the season! it only happens twice a year! this wednesday through sunday find your yes kohl's >> marty: 01 close in burlington eccrine knocked over electrical tower last night 930 you being asked to avoid the area completely traffic being diverted off highway 11 and the boulevard northbound direction that milbury avenue southbound direction you can see the red, maps traffic issues there to stay away from the area chp asking to use interstate 280 as an alternate route this morning
7:47 am
keep in mind highway is expected not to open so it is happening in early this evening. >> reporter: delay radar imagery conceit energy with the system far up for the north we did a couple sprinkled across the greater bay area concentrated in the north they all know that in the peninsula if you read what roads and future cash tells the temperature saw the story talking with marty about how much cooler was today even warm up in sacramento valley does see the blood red depression and low-fat how quickly cools down ago to 9:00 p.m. and green all over the entire bay area close sections of yellow paint howff farrakhan was left of their efficiency the blob of very
7:48 am
unorganized drive around he ball left over and fix this to jeff off the u.s. east fortifying afternoon thunderstorm activity d time heating. typical this time of year and this is a lot more moisture for the two now- dissolved in the system bigger concern we did have earlier for a few days ago how left now decided from the same temperature as an east bay shoreline. holding the '70s for highs today in oakland 76 uc- berkeley 70 richmond 59 and then have the jurors still popping and that far east bay a lot of these covering friend would 86 and antioch 82 livermore plenty of seventies to be found for one country as he noticed and 70 forecasts somewhat of a steady state as a look at inland temperatures in the lower 80s the most part face of the merger is upper seventies of the coaster ride around 70-and alloys for offcast 247 kron-4- dot-com >> marty: the news this morning
7:49 am
people in the west oakland apartment buildings shall now have a place to live. more than five days after their homes declared uninhabitable building's walkways came crashing down earlier this week and as kron 4 maureen kelly reports there is still no plans in place to fix the damage. >> reporter: from the fire chief filling we get the visa office and out here now. this attack on her apartment market 31st street for one afternoon when she got another of the construction. underside of the second-floor walkway 79 collapsed a close call don't hurt the failure exposed when a contractor later said appeared to be extensive draft this, other tenants have they evacuate of the building in a hurry.
7:50 am
just her husband three young children including newborn have crammed and her her fans to the toronto house in newark lifting of cable draft fags of laundry going to go laundromat that nightly the have as a laundry that budget brief. all we were able to family member able open our doors to us and miami but in terms of how life feel a field completely harmless if completely helpful if the heavens is for my children not able to go back school and have answers for anyone. not know to do. and the day how are we going to receive all of our items pictures family is everything is stuck. >> reporter: manager has a plan
7:51 am
drawn up a " circle engineer on how to fix the damage early next week. also trying to figure out away from the tenants to return to you as safely. 7 and left their belongings with and decision points 16 and hillary clinton taking jabs a couch from bernie sanders tried that if democrats he is the best at it showed after condon's partner cnn behind-the-scenes democratic national committee in minneapolis. my after vote party of lincoln has become the party of trump's. top target oil fell trump.
7:52 am
>> reporter: and keeping an eye and the outspoken from a runner and said kraft left is his own hair. hyoscine that if the enduring question scullins news of a private e-mail server secretary. clinton's rivals made pitches to a house party vote.
7:53 am
absent from meeting with president biden expected to visit to announce this fall if he will join the democratic field of, says that by and decides to run it will be up to the voters to decide. "bull trout and hillary are wonderful people. great friends of that good but vice-president at that includes the american history. lakeland best secretaries of state. if there is great thing is it's not up to me, one voter a leave of the american people.. >> marty: and wilson trading in the more serious roles news the box office coming up after a break.
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>> reporter: snowscape owen wilson plays an american relocates his family day jeff after arriving find himself in the middle kufa. as his family to save the country to send in the chaos. that in front of the jail if the trend of stardom other deejays to take some lenders when and putting on the path of success. attila starts falling for concurs girlfriend where france
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and experience a cadillac for yourself. take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month. \ breaking news this morning. part of highway 101 is closed in reopen until this evening. electrical tower -- knocking powerlines onto the freeway. this is a look at the scene from last night. p-g-e crews are working to get everything repaired. how bad the damage is.
8:01 am
when the hit happened -- lights flickered around the bay area, including a-t-and-t park. that was around 9:30 p-m. right now -- drivers are being routed off the freeway. no reports of anyone hurt. authorites are asking if you can, avoid the area all together, map -- a lot of red. even though it's early there, is already a backup. interstate 280 is a good alternate to take this morning. in our newscast at 7-am. we got a live update from p-g-and-e on the situation. "run 5:00 p.m. approximately based on the amount of damage and then place repairs at the plaza require working closely with chp and at the time it looks like right now the reason for that being finicky being top
8:02 am
priority crews continue to work as they have throughout the night to assess the damage and look at large transmission tower we just showed up what appears to be a third-party insurer of the construction work. bringing in specialized equipment personnel vehicles keep to the job of this magnitude. but really is left primary artery for electric transmission system. if you have the kron-4 news app -- you got a breaking news alert this morning telling you about if you don't have it -- you'll want to get it. we'll be updating the closure on the app all day today. >> reporter: there is the energy behind it a cold front we are feeling the action and be with us all this week and and it will be felt until next week as well
8:03 am
so that's good news there very see in place and satellite radar imagery the contemporary problems also getting to sfo remains in the traffic problems in that area also delay happening at the airport for about an hour and san jose both looking at that green light this morning but. still low clouds and a little bit in the way of drizzle were talking about. the river meuse the bay area we break this down a little bit 70 this morning drizzle going on in an area 66 at the coast by midday we talk 77 inland and 71 at the base fix it at the coast of be a little bit for inland regions the pop and the lower 80s can hang it 74:00 all that important forecast for real >> marty: hurricane katrina devastated the gulf coast. the damage forced thousands of people to flee the city of new
8:04 am
orleans. others had to be rescued from their roof tops after massive and at least 10 thousand people superdome. thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed. and now a decade later that city c-n-n's ryan nobles is in new orleans this morning with a look at how that city has bounced back. >> reporter: and rollins is still standing in part because the people ladbroke and her family never gave up. as kachina role than broken family data pound. and their returns the circle food store in new orleans 74 expected lengthy manageable cleanups instead the building was destroyed. the
8:05 am
family vowed to rebuild and today is a gleaming jewel in one of the city's most important neighborhoods. store in beautiful condition now in the days after katrina the flood waters were as high as this beam. the road from devastation beatty didn't happen overnight eight have long years in many stops on that journey were broken or family can close to giving up. still fatigued many learned in this poor community frustration broke see everyday, but her city will find a way to overcome. it is of norland as
8:06 am
putting the changes came after katrina funding positive the commercial storm breaking news this morning. police in thailand arrested a from earlier this month. shooting close part of highway 130 this morning. other breaking is pleased and thailand arrest a suspect in the bombing from earlier this month. hough's de the explosion at a religious you're looking at photo's of the police raid earlier this morning. police say the suspect is from turkey.
8:07 am
he was arrested at an apartment in a suburb of bangkok. officers say illegal explosives and multiple passports were the deadly explosion at florida governor rick scott declared a state of emergency in preparation for tropical storm erika. the storm is being blamed for 20 at least 20 people are still missing. the rain from erika may cause mudslides. the approaching storm is expected to hit florida early next week. "we always prepare for the worst and hope for the best, and hopefully that's what will happen here. but right now we've the national hurricane center says erika most likely won't turn into a hurricane. fema has already sent relief to puerto rico and other surrounding islands along the coast. killing a sheriff's deputy theatre three people trapped the
8:08 am
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>> marty: investigators say deputy darren goforth was shot in the back his patrol car at a gas station. a witness says she heard gunfire.and saw a woman sobbing deputy goforth died at the unprovoked.
8:12 am
this is a surveillance picture killed the deputy. police have this man in custody and are questioning him this morning. happening this weekend. for you shakespeare fans. free shakespeare in the park today in san francisco. for the first time since 1992, organizers will present the classic tale "romeo and juliet". the performance starts at 2 this afternoon in san francisco at the presidio main post lawn. the forecast coming up after the break
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breaking news we are following for you this morning.part of highway 101 is closed in burlingame, after a crane knocked over an electrical tower. you are asked to avoid the area. traffic is being diverted off the highway at anza boulevard in the northbound direction and at millbrae avenue in the southbound direction. the c-h-p is asking you to use interstate highway 280 as an the road is not expected to reopen until later this afternoon or this evening. >> reporter: couple of a cool front moving on through nice temperatures are being corrected we are getting this allowed back enough you may have these you wish to apply for a little bit as you travel light mist at work and this is taught will work on storm trackers for radar most the action remaining to the
8:17 am
north closer section in the east bay with a higher elevation as an issue and these little bits of showers going and a little more way we are seeing some more to the fiscal situation and we're traveling may not even notice for but if if you're traveling celebrate our possible the energy is very clearly defined not just a day this week and facts but it looks like a much of a week ahead. before the feature cast we do want play no we did get often does on the course of the later on sunday in the morning hours i should note their approach would be a resurgence of another little batch of some light rain showers possibility. out of the afternoon for activity and looking at that than tonight all low-lying clouds of fog all that comes back into action again. in perhaps even a little spotty drizzle here and there may be found to. temperatures for us
8:18 am
most the '60s all the cloud cover really control the climate overnight 70 livermore close. for inspection the peninsula today the coast will hold a middle the upper 60s for december and 73 cemeteries 78 redwood city coming in at 81 south bay numbers to also being accorded with the today into the 80th palo alto are looking for a man who they say tried to lure a girl and boy into his car. it happened at jordan middle that a stranger. sot- "i tell them to be
8:19 am
may be lurking around jordan middle school. all around." not sitting well with parents insot- "it's a little scary, especially when your kid is in this school." and, even well after school hours -- children still frequent the area. sot- "you see kids walking home on their scooters, their bikes, which makes what allegedly happened here thursday night all the more troubling. at around 5-45 in the evening. palo alto police say a caucasian man in his late twenties to hair pulled up to two twelve year olds -- a boy and a girl -- as they passed by jordan middle investigators say he tried luring them over to his car, but they ignored him and he drove off. then a block later he stopped by again, this time telling the girl she was beautiful, and asked if the two children planned on getting married. spooked -- they stayed away and the man drove off. now, parents fear this incident may happen again. sot- "i think the policeman need to be more cautious about his area." and, investigators say they are. especially since a similar
8:20 am
incident was reported just a week ago on louis road. the descriptions of the men are similar, but the vehicles are different. sot- "you don't think of this happening in palo alto. so, i have to have a talk with her and i'm sure her mom's gonna freak out when she hears it." francisco's mission district. the slogan "white power". has been written or etched into mission street businesses, and murals with latino themes. as many as eight works of art or businesses have been vandalized with the white power graffiti. dancer and artist -sandra sandoval has organized efforts to clean-up the graffiti in the mission and excelsior neighborhoods.
8:21 am
sandoval says, another mural targeted was of the golden gate bridge showing low-riders. several other murals in the mission district celebrating the l-g-b-t community have also been defaced in recent weeks. >> marty: with crash and vehicle on fire also heard a baby crying sanchez on a man and woman inside the car but could not get them able to grab the baby the chp says the driver crashed into a powerful power lines fell on top of the car and cause a fire fetch half of it and think twice to take action. "is going bessie the end of the
8:22 am
gatt in next to the door that was open it be on the ground. "and woman in five with the coal burned beyond recognition the baby alert seem ok. paramedics to the half and expect to be turned over the child protective services. >> reporter: carson officials plan of the raiders' pass of and california unless the giants having to blemish the cardinal'' best record in baseball highlights at&t are
8:23 am
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>> reporter: plan a crucial series from the cobs bruce and his crew testing the mind against the top team in baseball. go at&t park giants close to the cardinals and a star for st. louis more lindberg giving a bottom faired album monster grand slam dead center 70 mineral that grampian the giants up for nothing it wouldn't last long. mike mcgee of home debut because while the knife cardinals after a morning on first and spectacular play i for the ending ending double play rookie bottom ninth of it bases loaded he did any miller
8:27 am
of the call, and his way here on an rbi single in kind and a third straight game for small and one meanwhile lazed not the filter if and after visiting the diamondbacks and like the first time in three years we 07 42 and paul goldschmidt rocked this to run homer 96 on the season and first the national league top ninth asean the best they can get into it matt invent lisa to markets often you have a chance hit brown's adult play that's the game aids 6 for the final returning the nfl
8:28 am
lead free church carson city ever there is already laying down directions for the team to make the move back to l.a. the science and veiled 45 afternoon press and the officials put up of a sane way right now for a proposed site for a new nfl the new despite reaching a definitive deal carson clearly confident it will eventually make the home of the raiders and the last of wait-and-see and meantimes of her black head coach jack does worry about his starters or sunday against arizona. new sports reporterthat
8:29 am
was our new sports reporter -- mark carpenter filling in for mark comes to us from the aloha state hawaii.
8:30 am
8:31 am
happening this weekend. bigger screen. the classic jaws. >> marty: let's fugger the bay area including at&t part happened 930 last night traver'' being rallied off the freeway right now no reports of anyone being hurt authorities the are saying you should avoid the area altogether use alternate routes
8:32 am
to 80 the area level of outside san francisco embarcadero camera favorite in the back kron 4. >> reporter: killing jews low- fat to storm tracker and note what is going on and drizzle before we show up here most of the vault of the energy of to the north and affection of the east bay basically higher elevation tends to drive these patches of light rain left her a little more moderate and even a little heavy and then we train left up slurped slogan if you will not really have before us we get more raleighs in the fall and winter months but the energy pre marches to the north of the cold front everyone is sharing in on that and keeping the jurors down not just today tomorrow and next week as well sofa via cooler " current
8:33 am
numbers in the '60s north bay down the peninsula in the south bay livermore county the exception b.c. that poncelet a today and the the debris for you 77 by midday 814 inland areas and the bay of 71 to 74 will close 400 numbers about 70 the forecast coming up in just that. lionfish >> marty: virginian news station per reporter cameramen killed on the air has a head by reports from that shooting wednesday police officers stood by the w four d b j after reported a high school football game last night for seven for the station shall member also painted on a 30 yd line of a football field and the report was finished she tearfully hugged her photographer and news director as well. fans in the stands and
8:34 am
the often during all my silent for and were before the game and they were shot and killed wednesday morning live on air by a former employee who used live in the bay area he then took his own life. van >> marty: grow several young girls in the state police are looking for him family turn have the report of the incident happening uc-berkeley campus. on >> reporter: the other the people lifeguards please save this man managed separately it touched several young girl of the strawberry canyon school yesterday i'll have been on the uc-berkeley campus police looking for this man and they say he officialese touched curls and a full and some of the victim's brother legs sometimes but and if some way. paris to
8:35 am
talk to the polls say they're keeping a close eye out for the man who is described as an adult white man brought her facial stubble bearing red bathing suit he of the pot belly this month but he will be back but still worries and the same. she then shot and killed the suspect in this affect our
8:36 am
of the not been yet released. and bowing to hayward police apsaras stolen from a cargo plane that happened on wednesday shopping plaza and a few blocks away from same billboard station with their relief what information about that incident last friday remember uc-berkeley police chief had heard gunfire and laptops oliver carr happened to all of jardine in richmond. one spent 15 years to life for the death of a new the a high school ballplayer sentence on friday for coral in the murder 17 will the team was stabbed to death. the brother already convicted in the killing
8:37 am
>> marty: had and newsweek and bay area man wins the lottery was he doing with the money a little bit different. the story had her bath and the feeder this week and will be back and have that story next
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> reporter:01 wilson and all- american who locates his
8:41 am
family's asia arriving they find themselves on metal deck roof. then tries to give dallas safety as the country to send the calf. s. davidson are. that 50 j wilkins of stardom and we are your friends. other he did a from under its wing family plan on on the path of success. until he starts falling for of mentors girlfriend rated r nine anyone wonders if my azrael here's the answer here is real color isn't.
8:42 am
kron-4-dot-com for hillary clinton and death of donald trump why she is referencing abraham lincoln coming of next
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> marty: a crane knocked over and electrical power last night and we're seeing the back of growth in see their especially in the north on ninth chp says the travois these areas completely traffic being
8:46 am
diverted off a highway and in the northbound direction of on direction chp east to a rise to just a mess that area again the road is not expected to reopen and police 5:00 this evening will keep you updated. level outside instead of a bridge there overcast skies from the other day of absence for wrinkles and parts of war and another person they as well as money >> reporter: all of this storm tracker wide you for talking about here the drizzle not trying up well here we've been talking about if you're gonna be a travel he may have use levers a lot more because if hired driver into it sort of
8:47 am
speak your tents in the east faith showing often so the higher elevations sometimes we call up sloping temporarily and has a more moderate light showers will occur in locally been driven by cold front where temperatures today tomorrow steady state forecast the next we unfortunately more rain we will hold off the cooler temperatures and rain in the north of us stick with that as the before with this and future half going for today at a. a ton heating sacramento valley as hot as we've seen with the recovery of those temperatures everyone gets hit by the '60s, everywhere and by about 9:00. legal line clouds and fog that to a temperature is right now in the '60s all over the area of and the exception about 70 and the
8:48 am
fine is now low oyster creek the south of the. produce locally heavy rain in the southeast: ford now be much of the same way that the hurricane center '70s and east bay shoreline looks like i'll need a 72 richmond 59 of the one country there and the far east bay numbers and '80s you see martina their 79 checking things out the next several days '80s on board oven to crazy lower to mid-80s coast at about 70. >> marty: members of the investiture and a convicted sexual predator close unconquered 51 year-old frankfurt sentenced into the fix for assault with intent to commit rape right now living in the state hospital when release if it wants to put smith a single-family home and her slain soccer with this saturnian several neighbors say they
8:49 am
strongly oppose the move. i am shocked and appalled. if the news be placed their money rule areas not highly populated areas he won a tax for their dollars of by the fed house or in this half the needs to be worth believe very skilled for month end to of the 15 committee members that would tend their concerns make use of ravishing to receive severance the scope charged with attempted murder happened tuesday a block away from popular stretch of lamar and police say the commensal latour if camera fan conventional shoulder at the least change them and he said burning going toward the bay bridge police caught up with him at the border
8:50 am
opened and the four were arrested. listen decision the 2013 ninth plan meanwhile rescind his journey and that convinced the cracks. the highest in the democratic national committee who are seeing the target beltran. hear of this democratic
8:51 am
huddled lingering questions of the use of low perennial search server at was secretary. webb intaglio as for 1124 runs with his provincial of the fact will ever since any classified material or received any are classified. as an a, said that
8:52 am
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8:53 am
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and when you'r're nished, , u realiziz you've been in there for a very, very long time. being irregular is the worst. get more fiber with chocolatey, chewy fiber one bars. feeling good can taste great. >> marty: heber hadn't purchases again tenures unto they found a $20 bill outside of the fund is set to go to the picture of his winning ticket. he bought 21 million-dollar jackpots fractures and he won federal know you'll do if the money but he might start leaving cash and random place of his fordl. able guitar stolen for the red hot chili peppers has been returned
8:57 am
to weeks ago for 1966 telecast you're worth about $57 given to a friend who was going to lend it to rock and roll hall of fame stolen during a burglary apparently changed hands three times before being found after an intensive search of a guitar is back to his daughter. he plan traffic tie 11 burlingame where for a closing moments had also tracking any jezreel following the bay area five look at the storm tracker the date is watching it all and will head of the coming off today marks the years since hurricane victory after the gulf causing billions of dollars of damage we take a look back at the historical event.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
part of highway 101 is closed in burlingame. and not expected to electrical tower -- knocking powerlines onto the freeway. this is a look at the scene from last night. p-g-e crews are working to get everything repaired. you can see just how big that electrical tower is -- and just flickered around the bay area, including a-t-and-t park. that was around 9:30 p-m. right now -- drivers are being routed off the freeway. no reports of anyone hurt. authorites are asking if you can, avoid the area all let's take a look at the traffic map -- a lot of red.
9:01 am
interstate 280 is a good a live update from p-g-and-e on -- you got a breaking news alert this morning telling you about the sitation on highway 101. updating the closure on the app the oil in both directions will trigger a chrises apostle we're looking to accomplish that sometime later this afternoon
9:02 am
will transmission lines coming down as a result of this large part of the construction plan to commission power now than ever customers have lost power as a result and we are optimistic no customers welfare they still looking at five of the cause for other possible opening really highway 11 paid from 5:00 some time in this after inf following - the weekend weather. today >> marty: if and when one of the kron 4 news that the we did get a rating news alert this morning tell you about the rain situation of you not have will be updating the closure on line all day today.
9:03 am
some drizzle around the bay area meteorologist dave spahr is here tracking it. >> james: with this the drizzly mentioned medical and your travel and a look at storm track career are fairly close to inspection in the east this is where we see little bit more on the way of commitment towards iran is a higher elevation sometimes at pop's away follow the more so but the bigger scheme of things which are driving everything of northwest the dangling cold front keeping temperatures crack they get used in the next week looks pretty good going for the heart of the traffic problems in your sfo a power issue our so there'll and
9:04 am
san jose at the green light this morning carried feature cast notify a passing shower downtown san francisco possible to the noon hour but the difference as wal-mart very nicely that spells in fairly rapidly rapidly in the sunday. but for 81 of the day itself 74 of 1-70 the stress cracked 70 of the best. same marks and yen since hurricane be trendless in the gulf coast in fact causing thousand people fled the city of new orleans others had been rescued from the rooftops hurricane katrina devastated the people to flee the city of new orleans. others had to be rescued from their roof tops after massiveand at least 10 thousand peopleand now a decade later that city orleans this morning with a look
9:05 am
>> reporter: billion of dollars in damage fell for the people fled the city to never return. somehow norland the still standing in part the people like brooks and her family ever gave up. and her family got out of town and i turned the circle food store 74 expect a lengthy manual fail instead they're building was destroyed if vowed to rebuild the green jewel in the city's most important neighborhood. this is in beautiful condition now but in today's after katrina the floodwaters were as high as the theme. rose from devastation to be even happen overnight eight
9:06 am
half long years than many stops on that journey rucker family came close to giving up. university, the safest that the fourth to the mouth of businesses like circle food store for the driving forces in our recovery. there were a sofa tea in many fan or community's frustration mavericks sees every day confident her city will find a way overcome.
9:07 am
>> marty: investigating a shooting on interstate 880 in oakland. police found four people in their car who had been shot at last night. three people were hurt, and two were sent to the hospital. night. breaking news this morning. police in thailand arrested a suspect in the bangkok bombing from earlier this month. the explosion at a religious shrine killed 20 people and injured more than 100 others. you're looking at photo's of the police raid earlier this turkey. he was arrested at an apartment in a suburb of bangkok.
9:08 am
rates dysgraphia multiple bay area business and we will let you know what businesses are being targeted after the break a man tries so our kids into his car south bay by the cases it is especially disturbing the parents jobless or heading for its way to the southeast chances of becoming a hurricane will have the for you after a brief
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
>> marty: their lisa pr across the coast. we are tracking this is true in the bay area right now. welcome surprise the saturday morning they has the forecast we come back; and for the weekend is the italian family pastime and san jose where you can enjoy food wine are/model little bit great stomping to offer/contest for that happening to bail until a clock/guadalupe river park in san jose/
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>> marty: 1 close after crane not cover huge a logical power poll last night. piquancy the traffic map the red there are highly 11 often burlingame and south of well sterile area at the cannes traffic in fact diverted off a highway north, and bill berry avenue chp asking to use 280 of an alternate route this morning because what one area not expected to reopen till 5:00 this evening at the earliest state with tough on kron 4 kron-4-dot-com this set the date on a highway closure. other news were following the weekend whether will go to benefit of a surprise this morning in some spots the bay area that was fulfilled low-
9:17 am
lying cloud and archrivals for talking much traffic slipping sledding with for another about this and got a customer cisco later on storm tracker drizzle not showing up at some spots here around the bay area a driving rallied when chilled lepers' 30 seconds sofa some ledges a clacks for on your windshield. in see little bit of the heavier more moderate rainshowers happening in the far east they did validation issues . was the driving everything i'll well to a northwest causing problems but that dangling low pressure system cold front as doing a nice job being colored hair will be patient fenway for some rain down here have been a winner monfort feature cast for
9:18 am
don't say a war of and sacramento valley to the call. the cold air really returned after sunset very rapidly couple live low-lying clouds and return the fire began for tonight even hearing lot about the tenure anniversary country know when the points we should drive home the low pressure system of the hurricane center is not looking will become tropical significant east. he bellowed at when the trio was approximately half kenya's ago, and as always a new moral and the entire time highs today 81 are so rare was a pall of the 78 san miguel and the south and the day number is more in the '80s will see. and the case for the far east bay >> reporter: 70 forecast cooler temp whether here or ease
9:19 am
emigration 70 because searches on forever behind a series of racially charged graffiti markings in san francisco mission district for the slogan and mission street businesses and murals for gatt efforts to end clint the griffey itself in neighborhoods. another merrill
9:20 am
whether showing low rider several other murals commissioned a start celebrating the community also defaced in recent weeks pregnant news for you. >> marty: and thailand for restive of the explosion killed 20 people and injuring more than 20 others photos of the police raid that took place earlier this morning the suspect as from turkey fan and an apartment officials say the illegal explosives and passports in the apartment that the explosion at the shrine happened back august 17th. fresno man burning vehicle and then sanchez odd noise friday morning they sought of the crash of a vehicle out on fire and a baby crying and a man and woman and get them now the
9:21 am
chp driver crashed into a power pole in power lines fell out of a car in coughed but sanchez says it even think twice to take action chp says man woman burned beyond decade mission. our construction causing people the for the traffic laws that. the next session of people behaving badly. >> marty: the weekend in san francisco event showcasing farms are lessons food producers and
9:22 am
more all of the goal of raising awareness of sustainability issues 26 village 969 market street in the city
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
>> reporter: red light red car driver blows the light has gone the wrong side of st. street clothes because the new bar construction in san jose happens about a detour traffic route and instruction for residential never hugged your hat malvine twitter saying they're ignoring
9:26 am
red lights and stop sign pounds a section of san jose next attack on the part when he things don't lean entrees attacked by at second we go through traffic the residential neighborhood from the beginning the 10th avenue light turns red seems to me he driving a very adroit what right on red you come to complete the first this eludes many people the south signed a health sysop's a suggestion speed limit to any residential neighborhood 25 mi.
9:27 am
per hour set aside as did not mean slightly tap bond pedal. to complete stop and look for other cars bicyclist pedestrians. by the way at all around. over on the other sad part same problem they're ignoring the south side it's all fun and games tell someone gets hit by access more than often lack feature driver is behaving badly ticker books are not far behind. the medical by the fair warning. and the town's infection of san jose family roberts kron 4 news, tracking some big fulfiling the bay area right now. if they have the forecast after the break also ahead of an update for you on our breaking news story highway when no one birling game shut down have an update for a coming of and the for the weekend ... look at the organ in a bigger screen yard admission rock hosting a free outdoor showing of the classic movie jaws. also including free
9:28 am
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>> marty: see how big that power is how big the the damage is there happened last night includes the giants they game 18 ft. apart. we're watching his
9:31 am
back cover a threat to morning especially in the northbound lanes there travers' are being routed off the freeway and sensible hard in the southbound direction in the southbound direction interest rates to 80 remains a good alternative take this morning family across scene of office from pg&e. "the overnight continue work round-the-clock to assess the damage can ever pair or replacement that these to be made if certainly understand let us if it thinking he of the very having won the one about and we're working quickly to make the repairs and it won a one opened the safest possible. the agency to work we are working closely with chp we do anticipate face-off damage high while one reopen by 5:00 p.m. this evening. section of highway
9:32 am
101 has been close since 930 that last night when the accident happened as we mentioned lights flickered all across the bay area and show you now feel from last night's strives game when it happened. in line. scoreboard if off. >> marty: in see the impact that had at at&t part of the cardinals pitcher scoreboard will offer a time there you see it does win back on and the bottom of the said they lost a single out just the scoreboard it was not fitted through the picture off for just a few seconds they left the be have kron 4 news application of breaking news alert this morning telling you about the situation highway when a one. but have it
9:33 am
wed get left in the closure of the lawn today.. \ >> reporter: this afternoon ball the activity going on all of the bay area the see the sunshine coming out rock and roll. and in san jose the cities by this afternoon looks good doing in nolo shower midmorning for sampras's coach and the guerrilla the storm tracker. we are again with a light drizzle in some spots like roads to contend with in travel this morning for this little bit more action happening in the so- called of sloping james actually to the few pictures forthcoming in from the east bay where we have so that activity going on there you have a right there.
9:34 am
again the low-lying clouds and the windshield wipers we should problem mentioned again they will have to utilize those even if you do not see the apparently rating drizzling hill said the collecting has sought be there on the windshield. >> reporter: get what happening satellite radar imagery will to the north and the bulk of the energy is later on if the fallen among fifth as the full the for the self chance of morning showers midmorning showers for san francisco before everything starts to clear out this afternoon. at sfo looking at a delay of an hour for low-lying clouds and fog oakland san jose will greenlight and future cash and by the mid morning hours on end our possibility if the clippings out clothes return yet again for tonight and rapid succession to planning forecast of this followed happening in
9:35 am
lines 77 midday 81 in the afternoon while the post covers middle '60s. >> marty: lisa potto looking for a man they say tried to lower our girl and boy into his car at jordan middle school and they spoke to parents about their concern. stranger walked looking around jordan middle school not sitting well with parents in the community. even while after school hours children still frequent the area. makes allegedly happened here thursday night all the more troubling. around 545 in the evening paul latta police say a caucasian man late 20s to early 30's dirty blond hair pulled up to 12 year- old boy and girl the pass by
9:36 am
jordan middle school middlefield road ms there is a traveling doom and he drove off than a block later stop by again this time telling the grotius beautiful landis half of the two children plan on getting married parents through the fence that may happen again. "with the the more cautious about this area-this is a similar incident all week ago on those road description of a manner similar but the vehicles are different. >> marty: two men accused of robbing shooting to receive their francisco charged with attempted murder happened tuesday a block away from but
9:37 am
the search of lamar straight from mansell to risk camera the tourists and then shot the shoulder when he started to chase them men that took off running for the bay bridge please cut off and the near the border will plan emeryville that's where they were arrested. bigness' following virginia news station reporter and camera person killed on the air and for its fiber port on wednesday. two police officers stood by and pd j a portent for a high-school football game friday night no. 7 fissions chattel of painted on the 30 yd line of the football field and win their poor was finished require cheerfully of the photographer and news director and the staff also have a moment of silence for the people lost before the game. o
9:38 am
nelson tried then laughs for more serious rollaway show what's new at the box office coming
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9:45 am
hey there fellow californians i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use... which means managing water too, sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at >> marty: iowa land remains close in birling game after crane knocked over a few electrical power last night he and see all the red on the traffic map there you've that's telling you to avoid that area if you can. traffic being diverted off the highway boulevard northbound direction
9:46 am
and at millbury avenue in the southbound direction of chp also saying you should use for interstate highway to 80 as an alternate route through much of the day because highway while one cannot expect of the rope until around 5:00 at the earliest. we will keep you posted on that and also on the weather because a lot of us look up to drizzle this morning and the agency overcast skies a embarcadero camera the track of all morning long. >> reporter: at sunset and the scope forecastle chlorophyll little bit take-off sinn lookit current temperatures that backdrop darken great 69
9:47 am
francisco: 68 am with a yellow or '70's gonna for concord san jose forevermore also 70 and will change with proper daytime heating because of expecting the sky's the open of nightly and office are afford result tough as well envy manful the fun parts the east bay because of photography and allowing the cloud the livermore phaedo picture from james the best in the east bay. e.f. the gray skies we've been talking about collection of western and the windshield may not see a lot by i'll start the clock and the edge of lever's given the performance of their bulk of the phoenix for self and caution on that slick roads in some spots for. what's going to happen with all this we will start to see this shake off in the skies will open up. at the northwest driving the heavier rain of the portland oregon all. so
9:48 am
washington stay. for getting a cold front temperatures corrected with this preset part first feature cast for earlier this morning hours rainshowers downtown area clearing up for everyone in the bay area today funds that the boom here comes low level moisture local clouds fog all that jazz the mature part to our fourth half a warm- up even sacramento valley not very impressive today cooling down very rapidly after sunset the entire bay area practically temperatures on the east bay shoreline holding in the '70s for the most part have. word 72 and 76 of plan and richmond 69 further east however temperatures, and the lower 80s we see livermore a few. adds jack 80 concord's 81 and 14 as at 79. meanwhile the pattern will say implies that several days with a fat flower to maybe if millie is going on for the next week had.
9:49 am
>> reporter: september creeping around urgency ramping up for the giants make a push for the playoffs after a crucial series like cogs of bruised but she testing minds against the top team in baseball at&t part giants hosting the cardinals the st. louis marline bird during a formal welfare of a monster grants lambdas center second game in a row giants of for nothing would not last long mike making its home debut and pitch goes wild now to the ninth for all cardinals with iran are on first and then a spectacular play at it for the ending play and then the bases loaded as the
9:50 am
new chip by the desert ariz.- backs to play for the first time in three years and up the figures can hinder made the journey out stash adolf seventh. or to the backs and fix to paul goldschmidt proxies to run homer and on the season for is the nationally top ninth phase when their best the climb back into it market simeon a chance to tie plan a double play that's the game as the 64 is the final nfl premature development and the company battle over the
9:51 am
greater its cars and city representatives already laying down directions for the team to make the move back to l.a. the simex on bail before 05 the staff and in ankara said officials put up a marker stay away from the proposed site for a new nfl the new fan despite not reaching a definitive deal of this hathaway in see in the meantime silver black head coach worry about getting the starter for a sunday against arizona. >> marty: and the news reporter
9:52 am
mark comes from the aloha state of hawaii for lead gap filler beefs free concert in alameda place this evening in beachboys performance and island brief california if foundation conference runs the 5:00 the seven south shore says her and al villa what
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> marty: 10 places for the child compiled by consumer health site help line. but the hospital schools crime in job availability among other things and dallas tx boston mass. the san jose's third san francisco came in ninth. of faith you one more time are very news story this morning the highway while
9:55 am
one close in berlin gained wide log at the scene background you see a huge electrical power bent over cousin a crane hitting at knocking the power lines onto highway 101, a mess out there glenfed the hit happened lights flickered and 82 park 930 and write out driver is being routed off the freeway now reports of any injuries there to look at the traffic map one more time and again see that line of red continues to grow along with the backup phenacite to a alternative to take this morning again keep in mind 101 will be closed until at least 5:00 this evening plan accordingly if you the news that the alert this morning telling about the situation if you don't have you want to get
9:56 am
fuel will opted the closure and on-line all defense. batch of rain later on and the skies looking good very see the study forecast for this week and into next week even for in the valley is looking good in the '80s the coastal region of around seven in the day amid upper 70's plan accordingly for that and hopefully to shake off its peaks off remind you of those were the giants games today when all was close and alternate way to get their a mass transit high rates to 80 today when all was close and alternate way to get their a mass transit high rates to 80 after going to the dance game
9:57 am
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